New Guitar Games

  •  Guitar Master
    Guitar Master

    Play Guitar Master, a nice guitbox game! Choose your level, easy, medium or hard, and one unlocked song, and start singing. Do it well to unlock more songs!

  •  Guitar Maniac 2
    Guitar Maniac 2

    Are you a good guitarist? Choose one unlocked guitbox and a cool song and play! Play well to unlock gitters and more cool songs. Show us how good you are!

  •  Adagio

    Do you have fast fingers? This is a high-speed guitbox game, notes are coming quickly. When a note mark hits one of the ASDFG marks, press the matching key.

  •  Gibson Virtual Guitars
    Gibson Virtual Guitars

    Choose one of the famous classic Gibson 6 strings and make it sound good! There is a great selection of Gibson guitars, take one and play it with your mouse.

  •  Virtual Guitar 7
    Virtual Guitar 7

    A gitter game for advanced guitarists. This is a 7 strings version of virtual guitars. You can choose the modes or the scales, is a complex game.

  •  Guitar Flash Mindflow
    Guitar Flash Mindflow

    This is a classic rock 6 strings game. You have to press the right keys to play the 6 strings. When you see a line behind the note, hold the button. Enjoy it!

  •  God of Bass
    God of Bass

    If you would like to play gitters like a rock star, than must try god of bass. Follow the instructions of the game and learn new things about guitars.

  •  Bar Fly 2
    Bar Fly 2

    You are a young guitarist, and your great wish is to became famous. Leave your apartment, go to the Club and start singing, somebody can hear you!

  •  Heavy Metal Girl
    Heavy Metal Girl

    Are you a girl and love rock? Take your 6 strings and start playing! Destroy all your enemies and complete the level to upgrade to the next level!

  •  Monsters of Rock
    Monsters of Rock

    This is a 6 strings contest game. Try to defeat your opponent, and go to the next level. Your opponent will be better wich every stage, so you must be better to win!

  •  Guitar Jam
    Guitar Jam

    You need a good memory to play it! Try to remember and repeat the melody played by these guys, make a high score and share it with other players.

  •  Hoochie Coochie Man
    Hoochie Coochie Man

    In this game are only you and a guitbox. You are free to play anything you want, let your imagination free and create a new song!

  •  Guitar Nero
    Guitar Nero

    You have to clean a lot of green slime. There are a lot of dirty offices waiting for you, so take your guitbox and clean all the slime in the building!

  •  My Guitar
    My Guitar

    This is a classic play gitter game. Try to create new songs and rithms, you are free to try anything. It's easy to play even this is the first time.

  •  Metal Head
    Metal Head

    Another press matching keys game, with different songs and many levels. Test your fingers speed playing on medium or hard level, do your best!

  •  Trash Anthems 2
    Trash Anthems 2

    If you like heavy metal, don't mis this game! Choose your preferred rock band and create a personalised avatar using different features.

  •  Pumpkin Dude
    Pumpkin Dude

    This game will test your memory, you have to listen a piece of a song and repeat it. Try to memorize as much as you can, put your brain to work!

  •  Tube Rockers
    Tube Rockers

    Another falling notes game, with new features. You can play any youtube song, the video will be loaded in the game and you can save it in your pc.

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